First Day of School

Day 3

Monday. Sept 14, 2009.

So today was my first day of school with the Expanish/ViaSpanish school here in Bs. As. (Buenos Aires). What an exerience! The school is actually fun. I never thought I would say that about school! Haha. We started off with an orientation and then found out what classes we were placed in. It turns out that I guess I know some Spanish. They placed me in the 2nd level class. I was basically just thrown into the middle of the current lesson of the class and started learning about irregular verbs and future tenses. The harder part is the fact that the professor teaches completely in Spanish! I guess that’s the way to learn it though. After about the first 30 minutes of shock I understood almost everything said in the class and was able to participate.

The school is set up very well. They have activities for everyone to participate in and it is very active. Everyone seems to be signing up for the activities and I know I will soon… once I get settled in a bit. For the most part there are people at the school from Australia, England, USA, Brazil, and Germany. What amazes me is how many of them are from London! In my class alone there are 7 people. 5 from London, 1 from Stuttgart, Germany, and myself. The professor is young and a lot of fun. The German student from the class has already challenged him to a drinking contest with gin tonic. We shall see how that goes on Wednesday, haha. I will keep you posted.

After class I took the subway back home. The trains are extremely old fashioned and have full wood interiors. They have a lot of character for a subway train. I never even saw anything like it in Europe. Once I got back to my place I decided to do my homework and write out all the verbs that were given to us today. However, I am still working on them. I think we had like 50 verbs or so to review!

After studying I enjoyed yet another amazing dinner. I really miss home cooked meals! Every meal has been incredible. I don’t even know what we had…but I loved it! I have also learned to enjoy a little coffee or cafĂ© after dinner like the locals do. I just have to make sure to add sugar in order to add some taste 🙂

So after dinner I learned that the subway will be free tomorrow. The reason for this is because the subway employees are going on strike Wednesday. They supposedly are not happy with the government supporting the bus unions and not the subway unions.

Ok, well back to my studying! Wish me luck!