Mate & A New Flatmate!

Day 4.

Tuesday. Sept 15 2009.

So the second day of school went really well. Still trying to take in all the words since it seems like I am learning a new word every 20 seconds! You should see the margins on my has words written all over it! During class we all decided to go out for some lunch and to try some of the local ‘tea’ that is very popular here. Today we learned more of the irregular verbs and of course more of the ‘exceptions.’ I swear, the exceptions never end!

After class we went to a local resturaunt that some of the students had gone to last week. It was recommened by our professor as one of the better places to eat. The place was called Cumana. I had a beef, peach, and sweet potato stew and it was amazing. During lunch I realized that I just might learn as many English words as Spanish words on this trip.  Five of the six students I was with are from England so needless to say…I learned a lot of new words! Did y’all know a jumper is a sweater, and that washing powder is detergent? Haha. After the meal we tried the local Mate (or gross tea as I call it). To me the Mate is similar to a green tea which isn’t good since I don’t like green tea to start with, haha. But, I tried it because I wanted to see what it was like. Maybe I will acquire a taste for it at some point?

One of the classmates (Deborah) and I decided to catch the evening Jazz Concert with the school after our meal. We walked for miles only to find out that the concert was sold out by the time we arrived. After searching around for a bit for some of the other students we gave up and headed home. Once, I got back to the house I met the new student from California that is staying with my host family. She is going to be here for 6 weeks so it should be fun to at least have one other person around here that speaks English!