Cowboys Stadium!

This week I was invited by a friend to tour the Dallas Cowboys new stadium; Cowboys Stadium! This is the stadium that will host Super Bowl XLV on Feb. 6, 2011. I had a wonderful time while learning many amazing facts about the stadium. Here are a few facts about the stadium:

  • Largest domed stadium in the world
  • Contains the largest HDTV in the world (60 yds/55m wide)
  • Highest retractable roof in the world
  • Has a capacity of 105,000 people
  • Interesting fact: The Statue of Liberty can stand up in the stadium without touching the roof. That includes from her base to the top of her torch.

Here is a sample of the photos I was able to capture while in the stadium. Make sure to check out my website for all the photos and to be able to purchase any of my photographs. Enjoy!

One response to “Cowboys Stadium!

  1. You ought to be hired as the Cowboys personal photographer. These pictures look better than any of the typical football shots i’ve seen.

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