About Shaun Patrick

I have created this travel blog in order to keep everyone updated with my travel adventures and photos from around the world.  I have spent my last 2 years studying abroad in Europe & South America while simultaneously being able to enjoy my passion of photography while traveling and studying.  In order to understand where & when I have traveled here is a breakdown of my experiences:

Europe (12 countries) – July 2008 to October 2008

Europe (Amsterdam & Brussels) – March 2009

South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia) – Sept 2009 to March 2010

Bahamas – July 2010

South America (Colombia) – December 2010

Medellin, South America (Colombia) – July 2011 to Present Day

I have found my new home in Medellin, Colombia where I have created a newborn photography business named Little Smiles Fotografia.

For more information and a complete collection of my photographs please visit my website that is listed below.

Other websites to keep track of:

My Photography Website

My Travel Map

My Facebook

SPStakem Photography | Click here to become a FAN!


I took the photo in the top banner of this travel blog when I was in Colonia, Uruguay. The person standing on the rocks was a friend of mine, James Getgood, taking in the amazing view of the coastline when I snapped the photo.

Last Updated: January 2011

One response to “About Shaun Patrick

  1. Dear Shaun,
    Thanks for the link. I will look forward to your postings. Good luck with your studies but most of all… enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!
    Un abrazo,
    Tia Zinnia

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