Colombian Wedding Posted!

I have now loaded all of the photos from my last wedding. Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think. To get to the album simply click on a photo below!

3 Photos of the Bride in Colombia

At the moment I am working hard to get the last of the photos finished. In the mean time I figured I would post 3 more photos of the bride. I hope you like them! My favorite is the one of the eyes in the mirror.

A New Year!! 2011!!

Well hello my friends! I know it has been a LONG TIME (over a year!) since my last post! However, I have a new resolution for 2011… to update this photo blog, my Facebook fan page and my Tweeter account more often! Much more often!

To start the year off I will be posting some new photos of a wedding I shot in Colombia, South America this past December. I was contracted by a lady in Colombia to capture her amazing day of pure love. I feel that I was able to capture every bit of it and then some.

Keep checking back with me as I will continue to update with my new photos from all around the world!

I wish everyone an amazing 2011 filled with love, happiness, joy, and everything that you have wished for in this coming year!