aïta Launch Party

Last week I took some photos at the launch party for the new aïta clothing store in Medellin in the Centro Comercial Oviedo (Oviedo Mall). Aita is from Spain and this was their first location opened up inside Colombia. These photos were taken for Jack Magazine. Here is a look at a few of the photos. Click here to see the full collection of photos.

Camino Arenales

Two weeks ago I woke up early in order to take advantage of some beautiful weather and a great hike through a trail just outside of the city. I went with my friend Ruy Lopes and his father Rui Lopes who is a professional photographer from Canada. I had a great time spending the morning with them and seeing a new part of Medellin. The only down side was a bunch of nasty bug bites but I survived and it was well worth it. Here is a look at some of the photos I snapped that morning.

Santa Fe de Antioquia

Last weekend I took a little side trip out to Santa Fe de Antioquia with the 4 Musketeers (the name that we have given to our little clan which includes myself, my girlfriend and another couple. We have become great friends seeing how we all met together in the same dance academy).

This town is about an hour Northwest of Medellin, Colombia which still has the old colonial feel with the cobblestone roads. Here are a few photos from our weekend get-a-way.

Gran Fiesta Salsera 2012

Last May the newest and most popular salsa academy of Medellin, Colombia, Academia Baila Latino, celebrated their 1 Year Anniversary with a huge event located on the top floor of the Dann Carlton Hotel which is considered the best hotel in the city. With a view of city and the energy of dancing all around there was fun to be had. Here is a look at some of the photos we captured throughout the night including the surprise engagement at the end of the night!

I must give a great deal of the photo credit to my friend and photographer Joseph Le. He was kind enough to help me out with the photos so that I could dance a bit as well! Special thanks to Joel Duncan Photography as well for capturing some great photos of the night which can be found here. If you love travel and photography make sure to follow his blog AdventureJo as well!

Salsa Dancing!

While living here in Colombia I decided to join a dance academy. This dance academy specializes in cuban salsa called “casino salsa”. Every 4 months they have a banquet for all of the members of the academy to attend and enjoy a night out with everyone. Throughout the night some of the top students of the academy perform their dances for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of the shots I took throughout the night!

Hola Colombia! Again!

So I have just embarked on my new adventure in life. I have moved to Colombia, South America in search for a job here. I am interested in living here for a year or two. I truly want to engulf myself in the Colombian culture and learn Spanish to my best ability while being able to give back to others by teaching English to Colombians. I don’t technically have a job yet but I am going to start knocking on each door of the schools here in order to obtain some interviews. I know that I am lucky and positive person so I feel that I will have a great chance of getting a job soon. I will keep everyone posted!

While teaching here I hope to travel through the country side and take more photos of this breathtaking country. I will post my photos as I go along but I can’t promise they will be on a regular basis, but I will do my best!

Well it has been a refreshing start. I left Dallas at 104F degrees (40C) and am now in Bogotá at 55F (13C).

I hope to post soon with a wonderful update of having a job!! Stay tuned!!

My journey up the volcano!

In January of 2010 I stayed in the amazing town of Manizales, Colombia for just over a week. During my stay I traveled around the town taking many photos which I have previously posted. However, I decided to take one day out and go on an amazing trip just outside of the town. The town has three volcanoes that tower over it always keeping the citizens of the town on their toes. The largest and closest volcano to the city is the Nevado del Ruiz. It stands 17,784ft (5,389m) tall and erupted last in 1985. This means that it is taller than any mountain in both the United States and Europe.

The journey began with a Colombian breakfast just as we made it outside of Manizales. Our breakfast was held in a little house just off the side of a dirt road. From this viewpoint we had the chance to view the town of Manizales along the horizon and take in the tranquility of the mountains that surround Manizales.

As we finished up breakfast we started the ascend up the volcano. As we drove along we could see the land start changing quite a bit. We finally arrived and the highest point that the bus was allowed to drive to. From there we hiked up the rest of the way while taking a number of breaks due to the lack of oxygen at that altitude. The half way point of the hike was marked by a Colombian flag while the top was marked with a large ice glacier! While ascending upside the volcano I was surprised to see how many little kids were climbing up to the top. I learned afterward though that the reason why so many Colombian kids go to the top is so that they can see and touch the snow that is there. Due to Colombia being located on the equator, this is the only place that Colombians can ever see snow in their country.

A few weeks later I flew from the city of Cali over to Bogotá. During the flight I was sitting by the window when all of a sudden a few people ran from the opposite of the plane over to my side to look out. A man explained to me that I was about to see the very top of the 3 volcanoes next to Manizales. Sure enough, just as the man had said, I began to see the tops of the volcanoes appear just above the clouds; as if they were breaking through the sky. It was, yet again, the perfect ‘Kodak’ moment which I had to embrace.