Cowboys Stadium!

This week I was invited by a friend to tour the Dallas Cowboys new stadium; Cowboys Stadium! This is the stadium that will host Super Bowl XLV on Feb. 6, 2011. I had a wonderful time while learning many amazing facts about the stadium. Here are a few facts about the stadium:

  • Largest domed stadium in the world
  • Contains the largest HDTV in the world (60 yds/55m wide)
  • Highest retractable roof in the world
  • Has a capacity of 105,000 people
  • Interesting fact: The Statue of Liberty can stand up in the stadium without touching the roof. That includes from her base to the top of her torch.

Here is a sample of the photos I was able to capture while in the stadium. Make sure to check out my website for all the photos and to be able to purchase any of my photographs. Enjoy!